Sunday, February 23, 2014


i *just* made the metro last night, arriving at the sports bar fashionably late. not fashionably enough, mind, because everyone else arrived about half an hour later, but i guess getting to watch decent preliminary fights wasn't a bad thing.

overall it was a good fight night for ufc, but the main ones weren't very satisfying.
we were rooting for rory macdonald because he trains with us, and we believe in his potential to be an evil bastard in the ring based on his previous performances (not including the last one). he may have won last night, but i don't see where he was being the more aggressive and, just like gsp's last fight, i don't understand why he never pounced after getting a good strike in. i do understand why he didn't want to go to the ground - for sure - but i think he could have and should have done better.
as for sara mcmann, i think her comments after the fight were on the mark. she needs to toughen up, and come back as a real threat. nobody expected a different result (okay, maybe the method of winning wasn't predictable), but i was kinda hoping...

i stayed behind talking to one of vfmp's boyfriend's girlfriends - who i've met before - who's attractive in an odd way and quite interesting. early on she made a comment that i found both flattering and a little off-putting at the same time: "i'd marry you to keep you here! i could use a little money...". later on she accompanied me to the metro and i got the feeling that she's actually interested. my only reservation is the whole friends-of-friends thing.

fucking stm: their illogical night bus system requires using the app and when that proves faulty, it becomes impossible to trust that i won't find myself stranded on the wrong side of town in the middle of the night. i *just* missed the last metro home, and to add to the unnecessarily expensive friday night dinner i was then forced to take a taxi. that was an aggravating end to an otherwise enjoyable evening :@

i got home late and fell asleep really quickly, dreaming deeply until around noon. since then i've done laundry and caught up on a lot of my feed, and soon horseman's coming over and i'll speak a lot of (hopefully better) french.


nutrition and health:

a new study on organic dairy shows that any dairy increases your cancer risk dramatically.

are eggs healthy or not? once you get about three minutes into the video things start getting ridiculous :S

interesting facts displayed beautifully:

frequency - randall munroe doing wonderful things as usual.

wearable style:

the pebble is out of the hobbyist box.

education and gaming:

this totally algebraic penny arcade moment made me smile.


a previously difficult-to-acquire mac hall volume has been made available for $10. excellent!

advertising and user experience:

google! youtube in particular! you could learn a thing or two from these guys. they've just demonstrated that their model works. IT MAKES MONEY. it doesn't annoy anybody.

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