Friday, February 28, 2014

t minus zero days

omg omg omg. vfmp just left after a couple of hours of last-minute interrogation exercises, he gave me a lot of advice, some of which is sound and some purely speculative, and i'm now going to try to sleep a "normal" night in order to be prepared for the exam tomorrow.

today was a hazy day, possibly caused by the cloudy, despondent weather. i had difficulty concentrating, i did a few exercises and a bit of reading here and there but not as much as usual.

in the afternoon i went to meet with a friend of yang's, vector, who's a film student and is interested in working with me on something. i thought i'd left late, but arrived perfectly on time and in time to receive a message from him telling me he'd need another while. no problem, i told him, i have a book to keep me occupied. i went into starbucks, ordered my coffee and sat down at a table that would've been a great spot if it wasn't for the occasional whiff of faeces. you know that awkward moment when you wonder if it's you? that you check your shoes to see if you stepped in something? well, a few minutes later vector arrived and we moved to the other side of the coffee shop, where it didn't smell bad.

none of the ten or so people on the other side appeared to be bothered at all. i find that weird.

we sat for about an hour, i showed him what i want to work with and we discussed approaches - we seem to be on the same page, and he walked me back to the metro while we talked enthusiastically about how to proceed.


the metro was packed, and a bunch of teenagers jumped in to our car at the last minute and were offensively loud for two stops, even literally screaming at one point. dark looks from me had no effect. everyone else looked anywhere else. hmm :/


i spoke to my mother who wanted to wish me well for tomorrow's exam, but i was too tired and irritable [sorry, mom]. i read and rested for a bit, ate dinner while watching freaks and geeks and then vfmp arrived.

i've just heard about the mankind project, listened to wentworth miller and read the new macho. powerful stuff.

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