Monday, February 24, 2014


horseman came over and we talked. a lot. then we went for a walk, for which i was slightly under-dressed, and stopped at starbucks to talk some more. then we returned to my place and played some tekken.

all except that last item was handled in french, and i'm definitely getting more comfortable... if not actually comfortable per se.

in french, horseman presented me with a psychological walkthrough that seems to me to be a lot more fun than analytically useful. there are multiple versions of the story, some including animals. horseman's included a forest, a key, a house, a body of water and a wall. *if* you've done the exercise before, you might be amused to learn that i saw a gingerbread house (witch included), i had two simple methods for crossing the body of water and i refused to make assumptions as to what was behind the wall. just sharing.

aota got in touch with me this evening to give me some odd job hunting advice; she sounds like she's doing a little better, at least. i spent my evening playing tekken, watching misfits and once upon a time, and am about to complete the ritual by reading until i'm so tired that making my bed is a chore. i don't know why i do that, especially consciously. that's just weird. maybe i'll just do that now.

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