Saturday, December 07, 2013

resting for snow

i was planning on posting and then heading out to snowboard, but in addition to the time being inconvenient i really do think i should rest a bit more and take care of some chores so that i can enjoy it even more tomorrow.

pg called me to ask me about something and i found myself injecting french into my hebrew: score!
hearing her say "as usual" when i asked how she is made me happy, because for the first time that she's said that to me i know that her "usual" is actually really good. she's upbeat and positive, and i'm really happy for her!

the pro-palestinian propaganda machine calling israel's policies "apartheid" is ridiculous, if you disagree then *please* listen to someone who knows a little about apartheid. on a related note, the american studies association's resolution is incredibly disappointing. i'd have thought that an academic group might do some real research before arriving at a conclusion.


i find it weird that i've loved skunk anansie since the 90's (like everyone, i guess), and yet only recently heard because of you for the first time...

happy weekend, everyone.

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