Wednesday, December 18, 2013

i just thought i'd check it out...

... ftl, or faster than light, is a very clever game. i didn't know it was possible to quit and save, so i just kept playing until i died. unfortunately, i was sitting on the couch with the mouse by my side and now my wrist hurts :(

i woke up this morning without pressing snooze, i'm not sure it felt better but i guess it was a good thing. i did a ridiculously small amount of work on the comics, performed some housekeeping and eventually headed out into the cold to pick up my ski jacket. i was told that they didn't have the right zip and so it would only be ready on friday - good thing i didn't return yang's! - but then later they called to tell me it was done. i don't get it.

i went to cafe depot for the regular french conversation, and once again they didn't have soya. this time, however, they had no non-dairy alternatives either and the manager informed me that it's a franchise decision. and a giant "up yours" to you too, cafe depot! ignorant bastards, they'll not see another cent from me. come on! i mean, if domino's in israel can get it right, so can anyone.

starbucks, java u and second cup all seem to cope financially with us weirdos who don't want unhealthy shit in our bodies; i went to the java u next door and got what i wanted. unfortunately, their shop isn't heated which is bizarre; my partner arrived and we sat chatting in our winter coats.

pet peeves:

1. icarus called me twice when trying to call me back. if i don't answer the first time, it's reasonable to assume that i have caller id and that i'll get back to you. unless whatever it is is super urgent.

2. newk'd and i agreed to meet at cafe juicy lotus at 4.30pm. i was on my way, underground with no reception, when he sent an sms to confirm. so i only saw it when i arrived and he and his girlfriend hadn't left their apartment yet. wtf? if you have an arrangement, you make it unless informed otherwise. am i off on this one?

cafe juicy lotus is really nice, and it seems that everything they make is delicious. the cooking classes are a bit expensive, though, and while their cookbook is cheaper i'm not sure i'll really go for it. i scanned the lists of ingredients and didn't recognize many of them...

on a completely different note, rumour has it that tomorrow will be megaman's last with the company. hah! they finally figured things out.

i hope they manage to recover from the damage he's done.

when we left it was snowing again and very cold. halfway to the metro i realized that both my laces were untied and they'd have to wait until i got inside. i love my boots, but this is one issue that keeps recurring that's annoying the crap out of me!

the entrance to the villa-maria station was an overload of humanity; kinda like from 1:10 onwards.


right. stuff.

there's a girl i know in israel who needs serious help with her medical bills so that she can enjoy some quality of life. in the hope that some of you will find it in your hearts to assist, you can do so here, and also here if you prefer paypal.

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