Tuesday, November 19, 2013


i was so very tired this morning, my post-snow body was in dire need of enjoying such perfect sleep-in weather!

french: there's a noticeable improvement, i'm now comfortably writing what i want to without oversimplifying and sentences, while slow, are forming noticeably quicker.

i sat down at subway for lunch and was horrified when, after my credit card payment was declined, my debit card failed as well. that freaked me out, but when i went to the bank a bit later (what productive member of society has time for this shit?) i found out that the card reader was screwed and that my account is just dandy. i just got off the phone with the credit card company, the agent was super helpful and not only did they explain the situation and reverse the over-limit charge but they're also sending me a new card without the restrictions that were placed on my current card because i had no credit history when i first applied.
as far as the system is concerned, i'm now an official member of the north american mass-consumption community! and in good standing!

i spoke to the dentist's secretary, changed my plans accordingly and then received a call from them to inform me that they needed to reschedule.
the dentist was very nice about everything and this time definitely did enough filing. after a week of constant sharp pressure and pain on the left side of my mouth it now feels oddly empty :P

i was exhausted when i arrived at cafe depot to trade lessons, and i was as disappointed to hear they'd run out of soy milk as the manager was embarrassed to inform me. he actually went next door to see if he could get hold of some, but eventually i had to settle for an americano. it wasn't bad, but i *like* my latte, man!

newk'd sent me a message in the afternoon to let me know that he's been laid off... it looks like there's only one of our original team left. my theory that megaman wanted to replace us with his own team from the get-go appears to have been definitively proved correct.

i almost forgot dinner with godmother! i remembered just before getting ready to hit the gym, and i hit the supermarket instead in search of flowers. i picked the prettiest ones i could find and took them to the cashier, but just as the cashier was about to pass it through i had second thoughts and put it back. i'd rather go empty-handed than take a shitty bouquet. i told godmother the story and she agreed :)

[international family issues. really?!]

the poem i've been working on the past week is mostly complete, i'm really happy with the first half even if the second half might score itself a complete rewrite. i'm really feeling the first half, though, and the more i recite (to myself) the better it feels and the more i like it :)

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