Tuesday, November 26, 2013

french beginners complete

after an odd dream about walking into a reunion nude (i wasn't embarrassed, but i couldn't figure out what had happened to my pants and i did feel obligated to find some) i then experienced serious in-dream deja-vu, as if i've already had this dream before:
aziz goes through the tunnels and is followed by a man with "child molester eyes", beats him up and is then arrested. the older guy in the group comes out and sees a red flag one of the other arrested men had thrown as a warning, hurries back locking the door behind him. eventually the authorities break through and enter, but the old guy sneaks out behind them as he had been hiding under a pile of dirt inside a giant metal wheel. some of us manage to run around the back of the buildings to warn the last group but it's too late. a meaningless hard-boiled egg fight ensues, i break a friend's nose with one and almost get hit by quite a few.

writing that down reminded me of something real i can relate it to...

we used to have play-fights outside the synagogue, my fellow primary school brats and i, and they involved picking up large hardened shells that had fallen off the trees and throwing them at each other. i was so gifted with accuracy that at some point the teams disbanded and it became everyone on me. for weeks on end i would arrive and immediately have to start running as whoever was around would chase me around the buildings until i'd eventually give up and run inside to hide. while outside i'd still be on top of things, though, dodging like a champ and returning fire that was consistently on the mark. this would upset everyone even more and make them target me even more, and i certainly wasn't having any fun.

the end of the berry wars took place at a weekend camp soon after we all entered the seventh grade after consolidating with the grade sixers from the other jewish primary schools. the campgrounds became a war zone one afternoon and this time i wasn't alone; one of the other team's leaders (one of the guys who used to chase me around the synagogue) and a bunch of his buddies climbed into a tall tree and were using the their altitude advantage and direct supply of ammunition to full advantage. unfortunately for them, i found myself in the little clearing below and sent up my little bullets so hard that i gave one of them a nose-bleed.

i was not counted a hero that day. strangely, since then i've never been able to throw anything even remotely close to a target.


i began the day planning my visit to london - i've now contacted four out of six or seven groups of people i'd like to see while there. considering the fact that i'd like to do london-ey things at the same time, that's going to be interesting... it's exciting to be making plans!

my tooth is really hurting me. anything that touches it sends painful electric shocks deep into the core of my brain :(
fortunately my next appointment is in the morning.

i finally did some studying for the french class exam, but my heart wasn't in it. since completing the poem i've been working on i've found myself more and more obsessed with it (getting the performance element just right, i'm going to film myself doing it soon). you can read it here.

i got a grade of 92 for the french exam and enough knowledge to continue alone, though godmother suggested i try the institution she went to. i was amused by our teacher's interest in checking out tristar - i think he wants to be friends :P
almost all of our out-of-class discussion was in french, and i gotta say i'm quite proud of myself!

i got home and was planning on hitting the gym but then suddenly didn't feel good. i decided to chill and watch lots of once upon a time instead.
*pats self on back*

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