Wednesday, August 21, 2013

gir's in the house!

how is this possible?! how can it be half past midnight as i write this? online dating websites take an inordinate amount of time, as does preparing food and getting started with awesome crossover fanfic. it involves gir, that's all i'm saying :)

today began with a much better wake-up than yesterday. i was still tense from yesterday, but aside from an unprofessional slip or two i managed to keep my feelings in check. even when i was being shouted at by an irate cto who berated me for not using functionality that nobody told me about and that hasn't been implemented yet.
it didn't ease my mind to learn that we're in artificial overdrive / crunch mode because megaman and darn have realized that their planning was unrealistic. i have training and scrapper to attend to, i told them i'd do every second day.

it was one of those days. i couldn't make a move without someone either waiting for me or popping up with an emergency, so of the list of things that i had to do in the morning i achieved absolutely nothing all day.

the only positive things that happened at work were
1) getting over the unpleasantries with the cto and having a productive meeting after he realized who was at fault
2) receiving my custom gir iphone case

i was supposed to meet with bnw this evening but she caught something at the convention: i had to choose between using that time for work or running off to training because after yesterday i'd rather do tuesdays and thursdays if i have to choose. sod that, i thought, and made a hasty exit.

i rushed out, then suddenly remembered throwing my life-proof case out with the cardboard box the new case came in. i rushed back to find the recycling bin empty, and was all "oh, shit!" until i hurried off and stuck my hand in my pocket. then i was all "no, shit!"
i've been doing things like that for the last while. it's not cool.

i returned home to find that scrapper had managed to sort out the keys. awesome! and now we know why the building demands such a high deposit, the damn things actually cost $25 (O_o)

it was a super make-up-for-yesterday kickboxing session, i worked exceptionally hard and sorted myself out a bit. i worked with a boxing kid who calls himself prince, who was gassed out by the time i was finished drilling him. it was his turn next and he decided i deserved to feel the same; he completely exaggerated but i refused to give in, i took inspiration from the beast and went absolutely beserk. it took me more than five minutes after the class ended to get my breath back! the beast and prince invited me to join them on the punching bags, and i spent half the time kicking and the other half fixing prince's kicks.

overall, i feel good about my earlier decision to abandon ship.

scrapper and i had planned to meet up for dinner on the plateau, but he called to say he needed some time alone. after briefly chatting with my mom, i went online and the night disappeared.

scrapper's back, it sounds like he had a productive time. i'm now ready to go to bed, all is okay with the world. for now, and that's all anyone ever has :)

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