Wednesday, July 10, 2013


quick! before the day actually begins and i head off to the pharmacy to pick up my meds for tomorrow's surgery.

yesterday was another great day (today, not so much). great news for the day was that my uncle came through surgery in a decent state - he'd fallen a short while ago and had developed postsurgical psychosis...

anyway, the day was fairly uninteresting with quite a lot of administrative tasks. an email from pg made me laugh out loud, in addition to arriving at the conclusion that purchasing hats is easier than making them she's decided that bournemouth is like eilat: hot and dry weather and chavs (arsim).

infinity - techniques is awesome.


jiu-jitsu: there was only an advanced class. the techniques we learned were nothing short of mind-blowing; especially as a beginner it's hard to wrap my head around some of these ideas. i learned that my rash guard on a hot day gets me producing an insane amount of sweat. i also learned that i need to train with a box.

it is a really, really intimate sport.

everything was great, though, and i felt like i was making real progress! i even stayed behind to spar with my partner (vfmp) at the end. that was fine until i found myself being flipped over my neck right off the mat.

that was bad. very bad. my neck and back muscles all spasmed in unison, and the rest is suffering.


in spite of not being able to turn my neck left, it was a solid kickboxing session. not only was i supremely proud of myself for being singled out to the beginners as the right form to follow, our punching bag session went well and i chose the duct-taped boxing bag. this is the bag everyone stays away from, but my shins have toughened enough that i could handle it ^_^

all in all, it was a most satisfying three hours. except, of course, for my neck. i had a hot bath, then sat with frozen peas over my shoulder while drinking dinner alongside a couple of slices of toast.

i went to bed early, but i can't say that i really slept last night. it was more just lying there rearranging my neck.

guantanamo bay supporters: you're right. years and years of madness, and still going strong.

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