Thursday, July 11, 2013

the other part of the day

the previous post covers the bit of the day that really interested me. the rest follows:

it took forever to get my post-op prescription filled out. i mean, like, i was the only customer in the pharmacy and it took more than twenty minutes. the hell?!

when i strolled up to the counter i threw my headphones over my shoulder. i can't explain the logic behind that move, but i was late for work and almost at the metro station when i realized that i couldn't find them. what a waste of $20! i was really upset about them until i realized that i'd put them in a place that made no sense and forgotten it.

work: a long day of meetings. towards the end i tried to help our cto with the svn and due to an unfortunate series of miscommunications i put him into fight mode. it took a while before i could calm him down and get him on the same page, from there everything was friendly and smooth-sailing but i ended up leaving much later for the gym than i'd intended.

note: there's nothing i appreciate less than a surprise visit from a client who's not supposed to need our help with what he's doing and who changes the rules of the game at the last minute.

as i crossed the road illegally i found myself looking directly at a police car. i felt awfully exposed, and went through that for nothing as i just missed my train anyway.


now preparing for a couple of days of nothing. i've stocked the fridge and cupboards, now i just need to make sure that i have a way to listen to my french audio lessons because apparently i won't be able to read, use the computer or watch tv.

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