Thursday, July 11, 2013

first withdrawal

1. i've just completed my pre-op training, and already i'm missing it! i'm totally addicted.

2. just like last week's post-trauma kickboxing loosened my leg up and had me feeling good, tonight's double muay-thai and boxing has drastically improved my neck and back. if this doesn't tell me that i have the body of a true masochist...

3. between the muay thai and the boxing i don't think i've ever managed so many proper (explosive) pushups in one day.

4. the guy i worked with in muay thai taught me the basics of defending against punches! it's the first time i've had some kind of clue what to do :)
that didn't stop me from tasting one of his feet, though.

5. after muay thai i was sweating so much that even the instructor was shocked. at the end of the class he made me fetch a mop and clean up. i couldn't resist shouting "wax on! wax off!" with every stroke.

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