Sunday, June 23, 2013

trips and driving

well! it's been a busy day.

1. it was time to renew my gym membership, so i went for six months. it's a lot of cash, even if it's cheap at the price and huge value for money. while i was there i had a chat with the guy on duty, and he convinced me that i don't need to be as concerned about ringworm as i have been. i've got some closure, now, and i'll just try to find some long-sleeved sports shirts.

2. it rained all day, and everywhere between here and ottawa. it was a warm day, though, and my short walk through the rain this morning was with a smile on my face :)

3. i met the girl that aota wanted to fix me up with, and she's cute and interesting. but we're both infatuated with other people at the moment, so we can park that :P

4. my biggest issue with driving aota's daughter (hrh) to ottawa was with navigation. my phone's gps is almost useless and i was very lucky to guess my way around. the second issue was figuring out the controls of the mini. the interface is mostly pretty good, but it's not intuitive at all. and what's the deal with the hidden usb port?

4.1 that reminds that i finally figured out clicking and dragging on my macbook today. it's actually really clever, only it's exactly not what you'd expect coming from a pc and i've never seen it explained anywhere. but no matter how many cool features there may be, overall the experience with a mac just isn't up to scratch.

5. the drive there with hrh was a lot of fun! it turns out we both like each other's work (my words and her music), so we might get together sometime and try to make something of it.

6. the day was planned badly, and i didn't have any time to eat in ottawa so i just dropped hrh off and turned right around. there was a lot of cursing in the car until i found my way back to the highway.

7. the ride back was cool, i was accompanied by great trance (mostly rev - amusia) and some french audio lessons (i learned a couple of things).

7.1 over the past couple of years i've become worried about driving alone because sitting badly makes me feel dizzy. after today i believe that it's psychosomatic. i did feel a little funny a couple of times, but then it went away as i wasn't stressing.

8. as much as i love montreal... the signage just isn't very good. the good time i made on the trans-canadian was cancelled by my having to skirt the city to get to godmother's. from there to aota's i'd have an impossible time of reading street names (not only aren't they lit, but they're positioned really awkwardly).

9. my uncle hates me. and i'm not particularly fond of him either. actually, i think it's fair to say that i think almost as highly of him as he does of me... tonight i made a comment about che guevara being a rebel without a cause (apparently i should eat my words, but that's neither here nor there), and he exploded in a fit of "totalwaste is so stupid! he's brainless! he always talks such shit! i don't want him in my house! if you want to see him, take him out for dinner or something!"

godmother had words with him, but i wasn't listening. godmother, yang and i talked for a while about poetry (godmother was quite surprised to discover that i'm not so uncreative, and a little distressed by the bleakness of my tone) and then i left to return aota's car and meet yang at my place to watch superbad. he picked it. i rate it "don't like" but aside from a few horrifying and super-unrealistic awkward moments it wasn't a terrible experience. that's not a compliment, although i did laugh a couple of times.

10. it's not 3.15, and i've had a long chat with my mum, and i'm feeling energized even though i know i need to get into bed. perhaps it's the supermoon.

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