Wednesday, June 05, 2013

radio silence

i can't tell you i'm not concerned that mason hasn't been in contact since an sms response last night. i wouldn't be that concerned if he hadn't told me that he'd start working on it today and would try to be in contact as much as possible. otherwise, i've been ridiculously excited about everything!

aota warned me against it, but i couldn't resist informing moonlighter that i found someone - he told me that he actually had an illustrator he thought would be good for me, but who's swamped with his own stuff at the moment. he was kind enough to offer to proof-read for us, and that's kind of useful coming from a comic publisher.

yesterday i had trouble getting out of bed, today i managed to get up but i was completely exhausted. it was so bad i even found it difficult to get through my morning coffee.

positive work day: problem solving is my game, and it felt great to have the cto agree with my plan instead of stepping around me as he's been doing for the past couple of months. additionally, i finally managed to restore a critical system that he and moonlighter broke a while back. it actually felt strange to see it operational and correct, and heartwarming to get congratulatory and grateful emails from my team :P

jock told a great story that i have to share:
a former employer of his, when faced with a stack of resumes will throw half of them out without even looking at them. because he doesn't want to employ anyone who's unlucky.
it makes sense, it's completely wrong, and i find it highly amusing.

jiu-jitsu training was excellent, and would have been much better if my partner hadn't put the fear of ringworm into me. apparently it's a thing when wrestling. not cool.

i helped out with the previous kickboxing class by volunteering to even the class out for conditioning, continued with their cool-down exercises and went straight into the warm-up of the beginners' class. it was a good class, and the advantage of being the most experienced was being used for demonstrations and getting important personal corrections that might have been missed in the intensity of the advanced classes.

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