Saturday, June 22, 2013

quick friday

today began with me feeling really good. it was sunny, i was relaxed... right until i realized that i was running late. it really is quicker for me to get to work on rollerblades (by about ten minutes, approximately) and so i made the call, strapped in and headed out. only i was about ten blocks away when i realized that i'd forgotten to bring another shirt; i'd actually taken one out and left it behind anyway.

after yesterday's warning newk'd about tardiness, i arrived fifteen minutes late and had to borrow a t-shirt from him :P
[to be fair, he's been consistently late by an hour]
megaman was not impressed that aota and i hadn't informed him (oops :$).

yesterday we'd put newk'd on a critical project that i'd been forced to give up (time constraints) and another developer had failed abysmally at: compiling code using 90s borland software. it took him the whole day, but his efforts were met with resounding success and we finally have a chance to take back control of all of our code! exciting times.

i spent a fair amount of the day dealing with seating arrangements. seating arrangements have a political component, apparently, and i'm not very good at that.

happy hour was a riot, and someone reminded me of a joke or two that not only had everyone in hysterics, but saw newk'd one-upping in such a big way that i was almost in tears! also, i have successfully used wikipedia to prove my point to our interns that liquorice means "black liquorice" and that "red liquorice" isn't liquorice at all:
"red liquorice, which is extruded in a way to resemble liquorice strings, but made with strawberry, cherry, raspberry, or cinnamon flavourings as the main flavourings rather than liquorice. ... while the common name for this candy has now become "red liquorice", or often simply "liquorice", it does not taste of liquorice."
- wikipedia
i tried to leave at 6pm for 7pm boxing, but somehow ended up strapping on my blades at 6.30 and pushing like a madman to get home on time. between the exertion and the alcohol in my system, i was not in the best of states for training but aside from a few mental blocks here and there i actually did quite well! and i definitely enjoyed it.

finishing a good week of training with boxing would only have been better if i hadn't had that beer beforehand. just as i was packing up and thinking "there's no better start to the weekend", i stepped outside into the most magnificent sunset, montreal in all its glory ^_^

now gearing up for a long drive to ottawa* to get myself comfortable before my quebec driver's exam. i guess it's as good a time as any to use those french audio lessons...

* aota's daughter needs a ride to visit her boyfriend

and in canadian news, two albertans have died in the flooding and the language police in quebec have taken up fighting spoons. these are stories competing for top spot on ctv. i'm not sure what that's telling me.

i do know that after a long argument with a quebec native who's scared that his culture and language will be eroded, i'm convinced that the solution to the problem isn't laws enforcing language usage. that's counter-productive. i believe that everyone in quebec should have to send their kids to french schools. they can and will learn english at home anyway...

an 80's geeky childhood can now be yours! there's a crazy sale on at i had about twenty tabs open and had to decide just how much i was willing to spend on games that i don't have time to play... but must play anyway...


i got some awesome stuff, though.

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