Tuesday, June 04, 2013

cooling yet warmer

the day began with a lot of snoozed alarms while the cool rain pattered along to my dreams.

monday pre-coffee mayhem lasted over an hour and a half, but i was calm and collected... or dispassionate... and eventually things started to make sense. i had one important job to do and nobody let me alone long enough to do it until 5pm, and by 5.15 i was out of there to meet with mason.

a friend of megaman's started working today, and he's the guy i interviewed a while back and quite like. there was something really suspicious about seeing the two of them talking non-stop in megaman's office for ages. i know they're friends, but the sense that he's putting together a private team and an inside takeover is hard to shake.

as a soldier i was once asked where my extra weight is hiding when i told a cook i was over 80kg in order to get an extra portion (i've maintained about 85kg since i started taekwondo in 2000-2001). i was talking to jock about weight today and he asked me the same question in the same tone; a short time later the right answer struck me:
it's in my ego. *my* soul weighs significantly more than the 21g everyone else carries around.
i met up with nocence and mason at the metro and we sat down at a cool little coffee shop where mason proceeded to blow me away with his drawings and we discussed the details of how we're going to proceed.

we're beginning at the beginning, with the cover art (one of the most important aspects, funnily enough), the inscriptions (more interesting than you'd expect), and the first three panels. i can't tell you how excited i am to see this fantasy of mine taking its first steps! and it seems to me like he's pretty damn quick, and that i was right to think that collaborating on the design decisions would be optimal.

boxing was tough and fun tonight, i've been productive this evening and as i go to bed fitday reports that i'm actually net positive on calories and have consumed a greater than satisfactory quantity of protein today. and the clock reports that i'm going to bed a lot later than i should be. but i'm super-stoked so that's alright :)

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