Thursday, May 16, 2013

revisits complete

i woke up this morning still feeling crap, but with tennis elbow too. i thought i'd gotten over that ages ago... i haven't trained in a week, i feel like i haven't trained in ages and i don't feel like i'm ready to go back to gym. this sucks.

i'm *so* glad i get the jewish holidays off (today and tomorrow are "shavuot"), i really needed them to myself. i hope aota wasn't too offended by my sms telling her i didn't feel up to going to the synagogue today. i explained that even if i had been interested in going, today would've been the day to stay home sick. but seriously, i don't want to waste hours in the synagogue. it's not my scene.

while doing the laundry i finally went to the dry cleaner's to pick up my trousers which have been waiting for me to have an opportunity to get them for at least a week and a half. at 10am on a spring morning, my neighbourhood becomes the suburban ideal, the lovely gardens and the relative quiet, even the roofers doing their thing. i guess reading the local newspaper may have contributed a bit to the sensation.

i finally called up about my driver's license and was fortunate to catch a cancelled appointment in a week's time :) i did the online knowledge test sample and it looks like i'll do just fine :)

i got some serious sewing done (i'm about halfway through on my mr. price pants) while watching more of the it crowd and wondering how many days in the week i really need just for myself. it's nice that i get weekends, but usually those are crammed with social things or pressure items. i think i need at least another day each week to be out of sync with the rest of the world and Get Stuff Done.

the cleaning lady surprised me (i wasn't thinking about the time) and after shifting things around so that she could get started i headed to the bank, explored a possible new route to the starbucks, walked all the way back because it wasn't a good route, and chilled at the starbucks until i received a phone call telling me she was done. i came back in the pouring rain, she'd done a good job and was very enthusiastically appreciating the apartment and its decor.

after she left, i plugged in my computer and i've been posting and accepting invitations to trance events ever since. i think i'm ready to get sewing again. i wanted tonight to be my first muay thai class! i really hope that i'll be feeling better by tomorrow.

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