Thursday, May 16, 2013

revisiting: tuesday

i'm splitting these up. it's been a crazy week.


i awoke to stomache troubles. i'd be surprised at the end of the work day to be informed that i wasn't the only one in the office ("there's a party in my stomach," he told me), and the two of us weren't the only ones not feeling well. by the end of the day i felt terrible, and i've decided that last week's worries about over-training were misplaced and that what was actually happening was that i was beginning to come down with something.

i watched strip search before leaving, and watching monica in the elimination round made me feel terrible. that's two eliminations in a row where mike is verbally abused, and i know that the context is shaped by the editing but i consider it really bad form on the part of the contestants. these are the guys! these guys are penny arcade, and they're awesome and they do so much and care so much, and yes they're fucking with you but it's all in good fun and what the hell?!?

it was sunny and 5°, perfect rollerblading weather. i took it easy, but felt out-of-sorts nonetheless, and graham boulevard and i had a disagreement over reasonable paving. my front right wheel caught on an uneven strip, and although (or perhaps because) i wasn't going very fast i lost my balance and came down on my right knee and hand. the good news is it was a well-controlled fall and i didn't so much as scratch my skin. the bad? my kneepads were under my mr. price specials and they ripped right through.

i would've preferred a bit of my skin scraped to that, to be honest.

well, i did need to obtain a sewing kit anyway. i found a little african dollar store around the corner and bought a great one.

the work day: i felt like shit the whole day, i had to make non-stop manual tweaks to our server because moonlighter never thought to make an interface for it (he really does love doing things the hard way), my plate was otherwise full and i just wanted to be nursing my disorientation anywhere else.

i seem to have impressed megaman by asking the interns to rank all our tasks according to how confident they are in tackling them before assigning them. once i was done with that, i said goodbye, strapped on my wheels and rolled on home. i cannot provide a rational explanation as to why i didn't just take the metro, but the roll home was much better than the way there. maybe it was the wind direction or something.

i sewed until i came up with a good plan for the evening, then took the metro to the health store to pick up some things. clif bars are good, the builder's version are better! i did some regular shopping, then returned to eat dinner and watch hours of the it crowd until i almost passed out on the couch with a cup half-filled with water in my hand.

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