Sunday, April 28, 2013

there's a to-do list in there somewhere

how fast can i do this? i don't really have energy for posting lately, which i guess is a good thing.


getting up earlier than my alarm and no snoozing afterwards - what gives?

a horrifying moment on a conference call with the cto, trying to explain to him that what he's instructing us to do is totally wrong without actually saying it that way. it's like standing in the engine of a train with a drunk driver and trying to convince him that playing chicken isn't a good idea.

why is it that the person in front of me in the line at the bank always has one more thing they need to ask? or doesn't want to understand when they're told that what they want is impossible?

the supermarket? does pushing your shit into someone else's payment really happen?? what an annoying old woman.

it was a beautiful day, so standing in the sun for a few minutes while waiting for someone was a pleasure.

we interviewed a developer who seems really promising; he's worked with megaman previously. this kinda bolsters the conspiracy theory i proposed to aota that megaman is actually a mole, attempting to take over our company from within. he's now informed me that he has an entire team from the same company that he'd like to hire as a unit, and that they're known for being anti-social so not to worry about them not integrating.


in the morning i told everyone that i needed to be left alone to focus on some high priority tasks, and could only be bothered if something was blocking them. that was around 11am, and they only let me get around to my tasks around 3pm. in any event, i worked through at a good pace, though, and i left the office quite satisfied.

training was solid, and i went to bed early.


again with the early up and no snoozing?

friday's strip search was disappointing; i guess not every episode can be awesome...

friday was really relaxed. i spent it in management mode, and i'm definitely finding my groove.

at lunch i told a couple of the guys the story of the psychotic american; they were totally shocked. perhaps i should write that story down sometime.

aota, megaman and i were on time for a conference call with our panamanian clients; they eventually contacted us an hour late. excusing myself on grounds that i was the organizer of the company happy hour and i don't speak spanish, i collected everyone else in the office and we went off for *three* happy hours. we left when the stage was taken by a couple who were speaking in french; something about sexuality, but i could only understand about half of each sentence. i wasn't the only one, so we exited on mass.

i was a little tipsy.

i spent some time trying to install the android version of wired magazine (for which i have a paid subscription) on my bluestacks emulator; android sucks, people. i gave up.

i was introduced to an html 5 port of dune 2. holy crap!

i played a bit more of on the rain-slick precipice of darkness, then passed out watching the dictator. meh.


i got up early and read the rest of dar, which is really good. i was worried that i'd somehow managed to offend the cleaning lady, but she eventually got back to me and she'll be coming in this week. she doesn't really need to, but i see it as a relationship-building exercise; afterwards it'll be once every two weeks.

the lachine experience (in a nutshell):
it's not that tough getting there. arriving there is an experience, it's very much the sticks. i have some great photos of just how sticky it is. the main reason for eating lunch at dagwood's was to use their toilet and drink coffee before rollerblading; i'd already decided i was blading home from the shop. the shop experience was pretty good - i had a couple of good options and i actually had to sit a while just considering how i use my skates most of the time. i tried on the hypno sts, clipped the boots in and out a few times, rolled around the store a bit, read a review, and made the call.

first test: returning from lachine to montreal. the roads aren't great, the sun was beating down, i had a large backpack and i got lost (thanks, google maps!), but for my first 10km in half a year i think that went really well! they're decent blades, the ankle support is sufficient, and the best part was getting to the place st henri station and taking the metro home without any hassle or having to lug heavy blades around. and to get home from the my station, it's so easy to clip back in that it was worth doing so for the minute ride to my door.


after a shower and lunch, i enjoyed the ultimate afternoon nap. i don't remember when last i passed out in a sunbeam, and it was grand.

my uncle was on form last night - i was talking to yin and yang when he shouted at me to shut up because nobody was interested in what i was talking about. he then shouted at them when they said that they were interested, and there went the great mood established by the rest of the day. supper was a mixture of amusement and aggravation.

he misidentified my irritation with him as my being tired - i mean, it seems like i'm tired all the time, but the blank look i was giving him whenever he said anything uninteresting or outright offensive (which is most of what comes out of his mouth) wasn't that.

google tells me "digs" are "living quarters", and that's how i used the word last night. yin and my uncle were shocked because they've never heard the word and thought i'd said "dick". hilarity might have ensued if the context hadn't been "you can check out my digs" and things got awkward.

i watched prometheus last night, and the only horror i experienced was caused by how bad the writing was. the plot was holey and the characters were entirely unbelievable: apparently humans become so stupid by the year 2090 that the best and brightest that we send off to discover our origins are complete morons. the scientists don't understand science, for one thing. what?!

i watched a good section of a documentary on hair, then went to bed. i slept well until this morning, when my sleep was disturbed by my current health issues and they've been driving me crazy since. i can't tell if my meds are working or making things worse.

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