Friday, February 01, 2013

boxed in

it was a day of long meetings and planning.

i expressed my concerns about cam2 and they will be dealt with, and we've established a boundary that can be checked. the bottom line, though, is that there's no place for the uninspired in a start-up. i was upset that when i gave him his instructions - this is a man with a master's in computer science - i had to go into detail about things he really should know better than me. quite frankly, i wouldn't be shocked to learn that he'd bought his degree online.

i expressed my concerns about certain events that took place over the weekend, too, and the resulting discussion was comfortingly positive.

for the third day in a row i left early in the hopes of hitting the climbing wall, but pg can't decide if she's better or not so i finished reading this month's wired and played some more 10000000. it's an insanely addictive game.

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