Sunday, November 11, 2012


we went to ikea, and by the second round i'd had more shopping than i could handle. then we went downstairs for the small stuff; pg was indecisive and i got claustrophobic. my aunt called, because we were already half an hour past our scheduled departure, and the lower section of the building has no signal so between the broken call and my already risen agitation i didn't have the stamina to find the right lamp for our living room.

it's a gorram lamp. i'll make do without for a while.

my aunt picked us up, and came upstairs to take a look... i think she was impressed, but i can't be sure.

anyway, after living with them for so long saying goodbye was kinda weird.

pg spent the afternoon tidying and cleaning (what a job!) and i spent it cursing ikea over two shoddy screws and their requirements of screwdrivers and hammers: wasn't there supposed to be a *thing* that they supply everything you need in the box?

anyway, i put together two more chairs and a front table and i'll get the drawers and curtain rails tomorrow. we're now learning about laundry - that's a lot of quarters, i dunno how i'm supposed to go about collecting 'em - and then after dinner i'll either head out to starbucks for internet or we'll do something saturday night-ish. or just be an old married couple and stay in and read.


this building is awesome. it's kinda like a hotel, with long carpeted hallways and good finishings on all the bits that need it, including a wide sweeping staircase and the foyer with comfy sofas and the radio not always playing greek music.

our apartment is really sweet, and in one week we've managed to make it feel right comfortable.


this is a serious investment of time and money we've made. i really, really hope it's not in vain. i really, really wanna call this place home.

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