Tuesday, June 05, 2012

getting the horn

class: old school poetry. a reading by a very cool famous poet (who i wrote about last year) demonstrating everything that is unpopular about poetry in pop culture. his stuff is awesome, but it's as far from mainstream as can be.


i had a weird chat with ric today, who asked me a question in a way that makes me suspect that he's really hanging on to my words. i don't think that's a bad thing, i just think he's taking them very literally and not performing his own processing on them, which could be dangerous. i can't take responsibility for him, and i'd like to influence him for good, but i most certainly don't mean to pull his strings.


at work, i actually took scr aside for a private chat to express my shock at what he has to deal with - myself excluded, which is why he brought me in. the office culture is that of avoiding blame and shirking responsibility, which is pathetic to say the least. it's also as far from solving problems as can be, which is what developers are paid to do; now i see why it's unreasonable to expect these people to figure stuff out on their own. or document things. i have waged war to get other developers just to look at the wiki. it's a start, but it's a shameful one.

on that note - i've decided that i *really* like working with github. slick, simple, and effective.


while pg was wall-climbing, i went for a run. i took it easy, after my last effort's abysmal failure, but my time was okay and i'm glad to be on the (off the?) wagon again. after making dinner (not a bad salad at all, even if all that took was following pg's instructions), we settled down to watch slam. pg's not a fan of the genre, and i was cool with it until it got more preachy than cinematic. i love saul williams, but he's a kak actor. and the script was weak.


here begins the interesting bit of a state-of-the-net presentation. fascinating!

good help is *so* hard to find. or are we just looking wrong?

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