Sunday, March 18, 2012

half of half-and-half

early morning: i now have a delightfully competent french teacher! so the initial total french freakout was worth it. she just talked and the rest of us looked silly. the rest of the lesson was an absolute pleasure.

i spent the lacan lesson yawning, and it ended on a discussion of frustration and privation and i could totally feel that.

it was a beautiful day today. pg and i bussed home, stopping at the pharmacy where i had the idea that they'd save a heck of a lot of time if they'd have one pharmacist available for consultation to deal with all the people who wait forever in silence only to have to ask their questions when they get to the counter, which holds up everyone else. we then continued on to the lawyer's office.

last week we consulted with a lawyer who sits in plush offices and gives really good advice. this week we consulted with a lawyer who sits in less comfy offices, gives really good advice and gives it at less than half the price.

well, shit. pg signed the first check and in a week i'll take the rest of it, and we'll be covered.

we stopped for lunch breakfast at benedict's, and we both enjoyed the meal thoroughly. we both ate too much, even. afterwards, when i had to be heading to work, we together discovered just how tough finding the tel aviv - herzeliya line can be when outside of our neighbourhood...

we ran into a friend of mine who's sick, and i immediately got paranoid. once on the bus i started feeling awful, almost certain that it was related :(
on the bus, i began to worry that my hearing's overly-sensitive - although it could just be that the two people i asked to turn down the volume in spite of their using headphones, even the one four rows away, might well have been listening too loud.

weird moment: my phone told me that it was raining, and i looked up and saw nothing but sunshine. eh???

work was fun but tough, and definitely constructive. my boss and i sat arguing over algorithms for a while, and after all taxing my brain i returned home to put together some premeditated poetry for the reading i thought was going to be tomorrow night but will only be next week.

dinner and a half a movie: astérix et la surprise de césar reminds me how beautiful the original artwork is - what an incredible translation! unfortunately, we're having trouble with the subtitles :S

now it's late, and i can't decide if i have it in me to work on my paper or if i need to crash first and wake up early. i sense the latter happening :$

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