Wednesday, February 11, 2009

yo ho

late post that didn't make internet curfew (i hope we don't really have one:

there's nothing as amusingly stupifying as arguing science with a man who only understands economics. economics is NOT science. we didn't decide that we have a problem with global warming because the graphs indicated it, and global warming is, surprisingly, not good for us (he claims that as water evaporates and precipitates, nothing will really change).

the next step in the "conversation" involved israel's security information, and i asked him to define "winning". he couldn't understand a question with so few parameters, and once i'd defined a whole bunch for him his reply was "depends".

the perpetual purple flashes lighting up the sky are magnificent. it's a pity that there hasn't been much rain to accompany it.

i met up with a couple of girls from the snowboarding trip for coffee, and am now getting ready for bed.

the voting: i'm am not at all surprised, but very disappointed. i didn't
really expect any environment / education conscious party to get a seat. no long-term thinking for us!


i haven't been feeling good at all today, and i think i might have caught one of the bugs that's making the rounds.

i interviewed with a really nice commander this morning for a job as a team leader. i must say that he does make an interesting argument for staying, but he was perfectly understanding of my need to get into the stuff that matters most to me.

i had to work in the labs this morning - i'd forgotten that i'm allergic to them. i got off lightly with a severe headache, i'd forgotten all sorts of important things (nothing like having them come rushing back two seconds too late) and most of what i needed to use was having an off day :'(

last night's argument was continued after lunch, although this time we argued over my statement that the guy hasn't got the right to flap his gums. yeah, he can say whatever he likes - but in this case it's harmful so he really shouldn't.

maybe it was because i'm not feeling well, but i was right pissy this afternoon.

i got a phone call informing me that signing will be taking place on sunday morning. this set in motion all sorts of brain-grinding thoughts, primarily concerns about mortgage approval (which is post sale) and the potential costs of fixing. after chatting with my mum and then sitting for an hour with the agent, i feel a lot more confident about it all.

and now i can focus on the important things, for instance knowing that very soon i'm not going to have to deal with other people's shit anymore... only mine!

down to one? just one tiny warning? no! as soon as i fixed the last one a whole bunch more appeared. i love compilation, you never know what you're going to get :)

i've spent an inordinate amount of time online tonight. there's just too much to do and see!
hoist the colours
pirate's life for me

i just contacted one of the guys from odradek to let them know that i think it's a shame that they've abandoned their prog psy rock. their trance is interesting, but their rock is mind-blowing :/

faux pas! i was invited to a friend's birthday party where they've hired a cinema, and i unthinkingly asked if contributions were welcome. that didn't go down well :$

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