Friday, February 20, 2009

skipping along

it was pouring, rain spattering off the array of vehicles by the side of the road. i walked in five minutes ahead of schedule to discover that i was the third party to arrive, the assessor was already at work and the nice old lady had already brought in what essentially amounts to a house-warming gift (the eyepiece for the door).

as is to be expected, the apartment looks bigger now that it's empty. it was a fantastic relief to discover that the hot-water cylinder and piping are all new, the tiles for the bathroom, entrance and kitchen don't need to be touched, and there's already a decent sliding security door to the patio. i can most certainly live with the pipes in the bedroom (although they'll need to be painted and played with), and there's already a fluorescent fixture in the lounge (which was one of the things i was planning to install). there's more than enough space for the cupboards i'll need, and that leaves me a happy camper.

it's nice to re-re-confirm that the right decision has been made - three months have passed since i last saw the place!

the assessor left satisfied, and that instantly reduces the stress to practically zero! all i have to do now is worry about renovations, and so far it's looking to be kinda fun :)

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