Sunday, February 08, 2009

hard-workin' weekend

i have just spent a few hours extracting poetry from my blog posts, and am now all the way back to the beginning of 2007. i've found rather a lot, really. on the way i've corrected some irritating spelling errors and even my personal philosophy post.

it was hard to stop reading my entries. in another couple of years i'm going to have to dedicate a fair amount of time to editing it to a publishable state.

last night i decided to nap before going out, but hadn't counted on being as stupidly tired as i was... aside from a short chat with SxS, i slept fairly soundly until 8am. i had a long and thoroughly enjoyable breakfast with lake, who adored my MOO mini-cards, came back home to discover that the woodstock documentary had downloaded, and watched it with half an eye while writing my cv and performing poetry extraction until it was time to meet with the kid for coffee.

after a fun hour's chat, largely a catch-up and laughing about israeli academia, i came back to continue extraction. now i'm going to bed, a lot later than planned - a couple of hours ago i was thinking of getting under the covers just because my bed's so comfortable.

it is *SO* nice to think that in a couple of weeks, assuming everything goes according to plan, i'll be moving it into my own space. *i wish i wish i wish*

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