Friday, February 13, 2009

friday's bussin' and globalization freaks

the day began aggressively: a friend and i were discussing the death penalty, and had come to an agreement (and i even got voted onto a private island - go me!). and then an idiot friend of his posted the following:

"Just adding something to the debate----We all have kind hearts that is the good thing. I agree with you, that governments can be like criminal gangs as well---

All i see at the moment is a lot of confusion, not just with me, but with everybody---and that is from the NWO!!!!

This globalisation is a big menace, & is very similar to the end days of Rome!!!!!

ugh. i came up with a number of "you idiot, i'm leaving the discussion" posts before deciding that i wasn't going to leave him the final word. that's my job:

"i believe that we *SHOULD* have discovered fire.

<idiot's name here>: we don't know how to govern ourselves - WE NEVER HAVE. but we're advancing, the world is the way it is, and it's time to accept it. globalization isn't evil, it has just exposed us to more information about ourselves than we previously had access to.

and the media will always interest you with bad news.

if you feel strongly about stuff like that, i suggest you watch a documentary called "the commanding heights" (PBS) for a background in the economics of the last century.

and stop listening to doomsayers and conspiracy theorists. unless they're "oh-my-god-we're-gonna-die-from-global-warming" doomsayers, because unfortunately those guys are right.


so next time, please don't add things to the debate - it's not related /at all/. and i have to leave it now before i have an aneurysm.

the only thing is left out is my opinion on politicians - mostly they're not bad people, just myopic, unintelligent and unenlightened. and besides: how insane do you have to be to want to take responsibility for vast numbers of crazed supermonkeys?!?!

after that, i hurriedly (forgetting something mighty important) headed for the bus, which takes a lot longer to get to herzeliya than i remembered. i had time to get stuck into a really interesting identity theft article and not miss my stop.

the banking was fairly comfortable - the short wait afforded me an opportunity to laugh at the bank's mascot snowboarders for being way more amateur than me, and i spent some time ogling a hologram called clown's games. brilliant and disturbing :)

a couple of hours later and i was at dizengoff center, acquiring comic gifts for her little brother (a great hebrew one - להZOO (zoolah) - and the first hunter x hunter), two canvases for my next self-portrait (it'll be an awkward attempt at my concept of a demon flowerchild), and a pick.

buying a pick by itself was weird.

i had a good breakfast at coffeeholic, am off to shop and then it's frisbee time!

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