Saturday, February 21, 2009


"rum and coke is like chicken-mayo - you never order it, but it's always great!"

gco called me up and gave me an address. it's on a long road, and by the time i'd realized that i should've taken a cab i was almost in ramat gan. as far as the weather was concerned, i was right to wear my ski-jacket and an idiot to forget my beanie :S

at least i was designated driver, so i didn't have to worry about a ride home :)

we all went to a club that's usually full of arsim - fortunately they all arrived much later so there was plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. i was annoyed at the woman in charge of the jacket store: it's bad enough she's charging NIS 16 to keep my clothing, but when she gets a 20 she takes the change as a tip?!

that came out of the bartender's tip. cow.

the music was really sexy electro, and although the dj didn't have much in the way of technical skill her taste was superb. i haven't had that much fun in a club in israel since - well, i refer to this post with reservation because the music was great and what happened with bt made it... not great.

i had a shower when i came home - although the word "dribble" is a more accurate description. if my flatmates don't fix the pipe soon i'm going to end up washing up in the sink. or breaking down and shelling out, and then taking the damn thing with me just to make a point.

i slept beautifully, and woke up to call my cousins and make sure i have a ride to lunch today: "oh, you're awake! i was going to call, but i saw 10 o'clock and thought 'no way'" - i have really considerate cousins ^_^

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