Tuesday, February 03, 2009

big bitchin'

alright, although it looks like cash will be a bit tight this month i can at least count on my credit card for the second half of it :P

there are two primary incidents today:

1) my boss is a great big freakin' moron. before i left for south africa i practically begged him to give me more responsibility (for which i'd have had to sign on extra), and he told me that he's not sure that i'm ready for it. with that vote of confidence i thought, "stuff that", and decided that i should quit while i'm ahead.

this morning i informed him of my decision, and now he's falling all over himself trying to get me the exact job i want just so that i'll sign on.

as i'm older than eight, i'll be giving that a miss. in a surprise turn of events, he let me know that as of today i belong to a different team - so i had to walk back to my office, say goodbye and move all my gear. on the plus side, i no longer have to deal with the dick i fought with yesterday (i sat down to pink floyd and i wasn't the one who'd put it on), and my new team's also pretty cool.

on the negative side, i really like my old team and i'm pissed off that instead of doing the standard three-year stint, i'm now effectively doing two stints of one-and-a-half each, which is a lot less meaningful.

he is a complete demotivator.

2) i gathered the flatmates for "the chat" today. and it seems to have gone rather more pleasantly than i anticipated! let's see how things go in reality.

the other news is almost mundane:

a) nystire is an absolute demon. i have never seen anyone resist for so long or nearly as hard as he did when we bound him and three others for "the wettening", a tradition of soaking people who've been recently promoted. i'm guessing the video footage must have been something really special.

b) we had a supremely boring meeting this morning. in my mind there are a bunch of types of IT consultants who are nothing more than well-dressed con-men.

c) i have figured out (with only minor hassles) how my bluetooth adapter works (BCK-08), and it's really, really cool.

d) i really enjoyed talking to my mum tonight.

e) walking back from dizengoff and singing loudly and unashamedly to tool... i'm back :)

f) the diet seems to be going quite well.

g) my lawyer is trying to get hold of me, i hope that bodes well on the apartment front.

h) going to bed soon, still haven't gotten far with my snow post.

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