Tuesday, January 06, 2009


i'm not overly-optimistic about the angel at the moment, but i'm still hopeful o_O

i walked to the other side of sea point to pay one of my second mom's bills, and ran into an old neighbour and i don't think either of us was keen on that happening.
i stopped by a second-hand bookstore, and stopped by the poetry shelf: i walked out with a decent copy of the poems of john milton :)

i walked into the pawn shop, but couldn't bring myself to buy a guitar. maybe another day.
i was disappointed by the chinese shops on the way, none of them stocked white rabbit.
i bought a ten-movie contract at the video-store, and was surprised that they've kept my account active even though i haven't been in there in six years. i rented the bourne identity (nope, hadn't seen it), and watched it eating beef and chicken salomes (rotis?) which were really messy but tasted great.

i burned an emergency rock disc for the drive to pick up my mother - ac/dc, alter bridge and bon jovi - and enjoyed it thoroughly. my mother and i did some quick gift shopping and went to cousins for dinner.

dinner was rowdy, the alcohol flowed freely and some of the conversation topics were decidedly inappropriate, but they're all nice people and the food was alright. i had a problem with the lighting - they used only candles and the contrast was blinding, in addition to the breeze making it a bit too chilly to eat outside.

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