Saturday, January 10, 2009


i know i shouldn't use that word, but that's what comes to mind after seeing as you like it at maynardville - that was an excellent production and great fun to watch!

after posting this morning, i went back to sleep until lunchtime, after which is spent a productive couple of hours on the couch. then i paid my nephew a visit, managing to chide while still remaining the cool uncle, and from there i went to pick up the tickets for the performance.

i was standing in the queue, just before discovering that there weren't tickets to pick up, when my mother phoned me to say i'd forgotten to pick her up from work... oops.

i scrambled, getting there in record time, and after we did some shopping (finding loads of salted liquorice) and having a quick bite to eat, protoplasm arrived and we went through to the theatre. i was introduced to seether on the way, and they're really good.

afterwards we headed to saul's saloon for decent burgers and a ridiculous double thick peanut butter milkshake that was simply too much. now it's time for bed.

i feel that the experience was cleansing after last night's debacle. i'm still a bit twitchy but the world's colours are definitely brighter.

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