Saturday, January 03, 2009


i was so completely wiped out yesterday that i needed a cup of coffee just to stay awake in the shower before going to bed. after posting this morning my mother and i went to dirk diggler's place to return the car, and from there to the golf course.

now i understand why she asked me not to wear such an offensive shirt (my closer to mario's "i want to fuck <princess peach> like an animal"), because she wanted to introduce me to some of the people there. those elderly ladies found it amusing :)

i drove back, sitting online and putting up pictures until my sister came to pick me up and take me to the beach. we were both standing in the water when some little kid lost control of his wooden skimmer board and a wave threw it straight into her legs, leaving her bruised and bleeding. those are serious waves, parents really shouldn't let their kids in unsupervised.

otherwise, we had a good and loud catch up, there was a lot of talent on the beach, and the day was fantastic :)

my sister dropped me off at my nieces' pad - they're living together in an absolutely gorgeous apartment, huge and styling and with a communal pool. opulent - that's the word.

i drove us to camps bay for sundowners, and in addition to it being really picturesque we had drinks and tapas and a good chat. having never consumed tapas before, i believed it to be fingerfood. tapas is a dip.

my older niece really drives me nuts, she's a litterbug :(

i dropped her off at a bar named after a beer i don't particularly like, and then dropped myself off at home after going in the wrong direction because my younger niece and i were enthusiastically discussing music. i find it incredible that she's somehow developed great taste in it!

now i've had a shower, and am chilling until the next person calls me with plans.

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