Tuesday, December 23, 2008

hazy squinty

today wasn't good. i was still in a kak mood from walking between all the arsim last night, and a lot of the day i had a headache from all the grudwork i was busy with.

and it all started with walking in as SC for the day. the indian guy's getting on my nerves - he's a great guy, but he keeps deriding me and although it's in good fun he's wearing me down :/

my eclipse experience has not been positive. it turns out there was a problem with the visual editor's installation. i've made some headway, but i'm stuck with freakin' layouts and i haven't been able to focus my attentions on the important things. this is particularly frustrating because all i want to build is a prototype, so how it looks is singularly unimportant and getting it functional is slow-going.

the stuff that i did get working was fun, however. not only is my design proving itself even in the infancy stage, but i was simultaneously helping one of my team-mates. in addition to nursing a headache. i'm impressed with myself.

it was my turn to buy doughnuts today, but very few guys were around. i bought more than we needed, but by the time we got down to the business of eating them four unexpected section members had rocked up and we were short. that was sucky and awkward.

i had an interesting chat with the guy who i've been riding with the last week or two, mostly about south africa but we moved on to current world-politics. i love finding people who get what i'm saying! i'm referring to my apparently right-wing insensitive statements concerning the essence and necessities of war, and the need to "cheat" in order to maintain our moral superiority.

i had fantastic but freezing frozen yoghurt while walking home in the rain, stopped by the real-estate agent for a quick update and then came home to dream about woodstock (i'm having a prolonged moment of wishing to have been born in the US during the 40's, although with my luck i would've been the first into vietnam), the hippie in me is begging to get on the plane on sunday (he will!), and i'm fighting every urge to shop for more music.

i'm pleased and pleasantly surprised that i'm beginning to feel my way with the guitar, every time i pick it up something improves! yes, yes, it's off a low base. don't care.

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