Wednesday, March 30, 2005

where is my mind

wow - i don't know where to start. it's been a crazy, crazy week, and i haven't been at home aside from sleeping.

today was a fun day - but i'm guarding from tomorrow until sunday afternoon.
at least i'll be sleeping this weekend.

side note: i'm developing a really bad habit of missing the bus.

yesterday i went to the pain clinic. they're a founding member of the World Institute of Pain. that sounds VERY suspicious. anyway, the doctor there, in spite of being russian, is the first intelligent, professional, and with good bedside manner doctor that i've been sent to in this country.
he was most helpful, and not only proved himself capable, but has sent me through for more tests, and organized me acupuncture. my hero!!!

the only really bad news from yesterday is that my rollerblades are now to be spoken of in the past tense only. i have to go and find myself new ones. at least they lasted a good amount of time (the better part of 10 years, i think).

on monday i was interviewed for a university project of one of SSSO's cousins, which was a pleasant experience. the dog's helping me to transcribe the interview, 'cause i'm working while typing this. unfortunately, as i listen to the interview being played back, along with his comments, i feel the flush of embarrassment - i'm REALLY bad at being interviewed. i say stupid, stupid things.

THE BIG NEWS: (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

i have discovered that because i'm a true lonely soldier, the usual travel rules don't apply. not only can i split up my 30 days holiday, but i don't have to wait between visits. unfortunately, i can't save them, they expire the second my year is up (end of october).

what this means:
i can use them for the two weeks my mum's here.

i can (budget willing) use them to spend the high holy days in south africa.

i can use two weeks of next year's to come in december/january (whenever my cousin's barmitzvah is) - and i can add a week of the usual soldier's vacation to make it three.

and i can still (budget still willing) make it to my canadian cousins' bar/batmitvahs!!

is this not supercool?

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moonflake said...
Wheeeee! Come to SA!!!

Budget willing??? just get yourself here...friends and family will take care of the rest! Even if we have to house, feed and clothe your sorry ass.

4/01/2005 12:49:00 PM

totalwaste said...

w-v: Zipping Quietly Over Floor Length

9/03/2005 12:43:00 AM

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

waitin' for the shower...


i spent the afternoon "perfectionistically" cleaning my apartment. i decided to take a nap, and once again missed an incredible (or so i hear) party. i was fully rested by 2am, for the first time in months, and read for an hour or so before going back to sleep.


long day, some of which was extremely boring. i finally finished the project i've been working on - and received an ENORMOUS compliment from my commander: he was literally shocked that i succeeded!

turns out the guys working the kitchens pissed in the pots, and i *suffered* to eat there after finding this out... but i don't really have much choice :'(

evil bastards who go home to their mommies' home-cooked fscking meals...

in the evening i met up with the dog at azrieli for coffee, and we ended up playing pool near my office... we hadn't been playing 20 minutes before sammy arrived to pick me up, and we (minus the dog) went off to rehovot for a going-away / birthday party for that australian dude i like so much. i hadn't eaten much, and the guinness went straight to my head.

we had some very entertaining discussions.


i got home about 1am, and woke up at 5.30 to organize hot water for my 6.10am shower. i made it *just* in time for the bus (i don't know why i keep doing this!)...

the movie we made became available today, so watched it again - AMAZING!! put some finishing touches on my project, and sorted out this whole hip-hop thing. we even played volleyball to finish off the day.

i went with the mongoose to azrieli for coffee (i do that a lot), and was then picked up by a cousin of SSSO, and we went to his place so he could interview me for a varsity project. t'was fun, but i only got back after midnight, and now i have to shower before getting very little sleep.

on the plus side - i'm waking up a bit late, and going to get acupuncture in the morning!!


Saturday, March 26, 2005

buzzzz... and aren't *I* mister popular!

my word - i got to bed at 6, and between 6 and 1 i've had three calls:

1) my teammate singing along to "lean back". i couldn't understand half of what he was singing

2) the mongoose, who dropped me off at home at 6. shoulda known better.

3) my boss - who i'm now waiting for to call again

today is definitely cleaning day.

last night

i walked to the lizard, and it was cold. so cold.

the music sucked, but the mermaid was there, so i had to go and speak to her (which entailed dancing). i was expecting it to be weird, but it was actually quite alright. the mongoose got off work after about an hour or so, and we went off to the "dimension" (meimad).

which r0xx0red something silly. GREAT music, showings of freddy and zombie movies... and - the - girls - were - ab-so-lute-ly FABULOUS. i get chills thinking of some of them.

we didn't stop dancing / bouncing / pogoing the entire night. met up with some girls from the base (looking VERY sexy), and just before we left some girl came running after me with her friend's number (kinda cute, i'll play this game ^_^)... good for the ego =D

i'm now waiting for hot water, so's i can shower, then wash floors - and go back to sleep. my ears are SO not working.

Friday, March 25, 2005

pretty - pretty - and i can dress up!

as myself!! and people smile and think "he's in the purim spirit" :P well, i am, usually :)

i stopped off at azrieli, found two good books (one present, one for me), and a nice card. i then bladed to the tayelet, but didn't find anyone... this was because my informant was wrong, and the festival thingy was on dizengoff... which i found by accident. the festival thing sucked ASS. and i got into a fight over a line for a hot dog, and - i - do - NOT fight over food.

so i ate humus on ibn gvirol, which was tasty, but the shop itself was weird as hell. i took a bus to herzliya, visited a friend, then went off to her place. t'was fun, her sister liked my gift and they got dressed up for supper :P

supper was really nice, and i just got back now. i found a cockroach in my bathroom - i *HATE* cockroaches!! and that's about all that's interesting at the moment.

i'd crash for an hour, but i know i wouldn't wake up. party time on the way!

garbage day

wednesday night's party was aweful, so we ran out really quickly. there's a limit to how much sexy 17-year-old flesh one can be surrounded by before being tempted.

i hate not having a solar water heater - by the time i finally got to bed it was around 2.30am...

i had a GREAT start to my day yesterday: i found a sweet route to the base, one that doesn't equate blading with sweating. i left without pressure, i got there about 5 minutes after the bus would have, i got exercise, and i got to wear my overalls.
can't get much better than that to put a smile on my face ^_^

the day was a bit rough - trouble with cigarettes, and the work i was doing drove me NUTS. starting to get a better feel for it, though. and played a bit of frisbee, although the frisbee itself, and a couple of the players, really sucked.

the girl who asked if i could sing like a rapper got hold of us!! she wants me and one of my teammates to rap for about 2 minutes (damn!) for a function on tuesday night... we have to come up with a beat and the lyrics, and learn them, and i have no idea yet what the point of the song is going to be.
no pressure *huff* *huff* *huff*

bladed past the supermarket on my way home, there's a deal for lonely soldiers that they provide us with NIS 120 worth of goods each month. time to purchase myself some razor blades. and some skittles.

got home, did my laundry, showered, and tried to sleep for a couple of hours before going out. meaning, i didn't succeed in waking up until 7.30am... apparently i missed an INCREDIBLE trance party at the lizard. oh well. my system's still in shock that i've slept enough...

i've had a calm breakfast, done some work, and now have to go pressie shopping for kc's 17 year old sister... i have no clue what to get... i hate pressie shopping...